I am

Every morning starts here.

I am a mother of three, a wife to a small business owner. I am part of the beginning of sustainable-small-farm living.

I am a freelance photographer, I am a painter, I am friend, I am a student.
I am a storyteller, I am a woman with so much to say and so much to soak in. I am fluid in my beliefs, I am open to all that that entails, open to that which presents itself in my dreams, in my conversations, in my heart.

I am open to the overwhelm and the quiet indignation.

I am learning, always learning.

And I start my day here, so that I can be all those things to the universe as it begs of me.
To take the time to sit, in whichever place you find yourself, is to serve from peace…not from busyness.
Who are you and from which space in your heart/your body/your mind do you come from?


What do you think?

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