Kitchen Change Phase One Complete.

Its DIY on the blog today!

You may have seen this pic on instagram, where I hinted what I was attempting next-


Yep! Its finally kitchen handle time.


Ive mentioned before about my plans to change out the kitchen handles… well Ive finally completed it. And holy shit it looks sahh good. Like for realsy, I can see it all coming together.


I explained all about where I got the leather here, so go over and have a read through that for all the details. The main thing I could NOT work out though, was what screws to use to fix the leather to the cupboards, whilst utilising the existing holes that were already drilled out. I took Chadd to Bunnings with me one day and tried to find exactly what I wanted. I knew two things, they either had to have black, or brass heads. Ha! Thats about all I specified, Chadd was the brains behind the size and gauge needed (hes a chippy after all). We looked at every screw, nail, tack and fastener they had and NOTHING fit the bill. If you decide to do this project yourself, your specs may change, but for us the screws had to be 12 gauge and 18mm long. And of course in either black or brass. We left after an hour or so of searching (very disheartened, well I was anyways) but when Chadd flew back in the other day, we thought we’d give another Bunnings store a go. Then we hit the jackpot and I had a brainwave. We ended up finding pan head, chrome, self-tapper screws in the specs we needed, and a tin of black spray paint! Voila, problem solved. Spray the chrome heads black and no one would ever know. Legendary I know.

Oh and just a tip for those not in the know… How do you paint a 100 little screw heads without them rolling around?


Screw them in to a cardboard box! I wish I could say it was my idea, but alas, it was The Chadd’s.

To measure out the leather handles on the strap, we worked out the leather had to be 160mm long. And to mark where the holes had to be punched, it was 10mm from the end and 12.5mm from the side, on either side to have one equally spaced hole on either end of each handle. Like this-


I bought a leather hole punch from the local hardware store, and set it to the biggest hole for our handles.


We did a dummy one first, to make sure the measurements were all correct, and then used that first handle as a template for all the others. Sure makes the process go a whole lot quicker.


And then goodbye to stabby, chrome handles, and hello to awesome, raw, soft, strong, leather handle goodness!


Oh hello dirty oven and chipped skirting boards! Just keeping it real here folks….

Kitchen_oven Kitchen_between

Did you spot my hand painted charcoal grout in that picture above too? So glad that task is over too…


Oh, and as Ive mentioned above, this is Stage One. Next up is painting the bottom kitchen drawers in a sexy matte black. It will then mean the fabulous gauges that are in those drawer fronts above can be patched over. And how did they get there? Yeah, that was when a top cupboard jumped off the wall one night and smashed every thing in its path. Dont ask, its too ridiculous to even explain. But just know, it will be EPIC when its finished. Totally.

Heres a before from just after we moved in..

Before Kitchen_painted

And heres how it looks right now-


And I couldn’t leave without sharing this pic of the little moo. She’s just too cute-


So what do you reckon? Massive difference huh!

I still have yet to tackle any of the kids rooms. But at least the main living area is slowly coming together. Hopefully they’ll be next on my big long list.

Hayley x

14 thoughts on “Kitchen Change Phase One Complete.

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  2. Hayley I LOVE this! So clever!! You have inspired me to do this in our kitchen. I’m going to show Phil this blog post today.. I hope he goes for it!!! Your kitchen looks amazing xx


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